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Mobile UK's Plate Dispensers - The Benefits!

Posted by Lucy Connell on

Our spring-loaded self-levelling plate dispensers provide ergonomic benefits to the user. The addition of a heated plate dispenser to a counter also enhances the perceived quality of the products offered. Hot food served on warm plates means fewer complaints about cold meals, increasing customer retention and satisfaction.

We offer two standard types of incounter plate dispenser which are available either heated or ambient. Both ranges are fitted with a multi-spring mechanism to give easy adjustment for different plate weights. This adjustment – the addition or removal of springs – is straightforward for an end user to carry out.

Our ‘T(H)’ range comprises of three models for different plate sizes. These units have moveable guide rods, giving an 80mm adjustment between the smallest and largest plate each model will accept. The heated dispensers have an adjustable thermostat which is incorporated into the power supply cable, and an on/off rocker switch mounted in the flange.

The ‘DFE’ range consists of 6 models, with both heated and ambient variants available. These units have fixed guides meaning a smaller tolerance between the smallest and largest plate accepted by each unit. The dispenser mechanism in the heated DFE version is removable from the outer casing for cleaning and maintenance. Heated units are controlled by a remote thermostat and on/off switch mounted in a control panel.

Across both the T(H) and DFE ranges, the same factors must be taken into consideration when specifying them: the plate size, the flange diameter, the cut-out diameter and the undercounter depth. We are equipped and happy to advise on the ideal unit for the installation!